Mike “DRIZ”


My name is Mike Driscoll…. also know as Driz.   I have been an athlete my whole life, basically playing every sport possible as a kid.   I can honestly say I will try any sport at least once.   And, growing up in Montana, I was able to take advantage of all the outdoor sports you can imagine… skiing, biking, climbing, etc..   At a young age, I really excelled at a few sports, one of them being swimming.   I put the dedicated time in the pool, just like most age group swimmers do, and was lucky enough to swim for the University of Notre Dame.    It was an experience of a lifetime, not only to attend the university, but also the opportunity to compete as a Division I athlete.

With my job, I have moved all over the country.  And along the way, got involved with Triathlons.   But also training out of your generic type globo-gyms.   They worked for what they needed to be, but you never really saw results.   Most of that time I was running and training on my bike anyway.    When I moved to Louisville a few years ago, again, I joined a normal gym, got burned out, and decided to explore other sports.    In that time, I was involved in a wakeboard accident in the summer of 2009.   I ended up damaging my back pretty bad.   My L4 and L5 are seriously damaged, and told by modern medicine, to take things easy.    They also said “no lifting heavy things”, “just keep a strong core”, but forever you will have pain.     After some encouragement by a friend of mine, I decided to check out CrossFit.  Intimidating, yes.   “Rocky Balboa” style, yes.  Oh, and put in my place for being weak, check that off the list too.    Right from the start I knew this was the place for me.   Finally, coaches to push you as well as other athletes to push you and hold you accountable.

This is where I met Coach Ben Carter.   I explained to him from the start, that my back in very damaged.  And I also have some leg issues.    He said he understood everything and to trust the coaching, basically saying that I have a number of weaknesses that need to be addressed.  After a thorough assessment, I truly realized that I had some horrible weaknesses.  Two of the most obvious, I was horrible at squats, and that being a swimmer my whole life, I could hardly press weight over my head.  I signed up immediately and have been training with Ben ever since fall of 2010.  I dedicated all of last spring and summer to put on muscle weight and get stronger.

went up, but the most impressive thing of all, BACK PAIN is gone.   With damaged backs, you are always going to have some pain, which is true still with me, but the days and weeks of being laid up are all over.  CrossFit is for me.

I could never join another style gym ever again.   It’s awesome to train with true athletes every day.  It’s awesome to have a coach who is training along with you and competing.   It’s awesome to have a place that motivates you every day to make Personal Records (PR’s).

In short… JOIN CROSSFIT LOUISVILLE & 6TH GEAR PERFORMANCE…..get in shape, get strong, and GET JACKED!