Last spring I became interested in getting in better shape. I had been athletic most of my life, but had quit playing tennis 8 years ago, and my exercise consisted of yard work and walking on the weekends. I, like all of us, am not getting any younger, and really felt like I needed to get a handle on my personal fitness. A friend recommended Crossfit Louisville to me, and one day I wandered in and signed up for on ramp and got started.

I was worried that I was too old to start doing Crossfit, but one of my high school classmates competes, and I figured I had nothing to lose but time on the couch, and everything to gain. I have to say that Crossfit Louisville is a very welcoming and inclusive environment. ┬áI never felt like my questions were stupid. The coaches in classes were very encouraging. I’ve learned over time that learning to do things correctly saves you time and injury in sports. The coaches are focused on ensuring people reach their goals, but do this without injuring themselves. Correct technique is taught and enforced. I really respect that , and it gave me a lot of confidence that if I followed their ┬áinstructions, I’d get where I wanted to and do it safely. And the biggest plus is the members are just the nicest people. They are there to workout and get fit, but they are encouraging and friendly.

Fast forward a year…. I have been coming 3 times a week very consistently. I have not really lost a lot of weight, but I have gone down 2 clothing sizes. My goal was never to lose weight, but to gain strength. I wanted specifically to build muscle mass and bone density. About 2 months ago, I started working with Ben Carter on this specifically. Ben and his wife Kat own Crossfit Louisville, and they set the tone for it to be a fun place to do serious workouts. I NEVER dread going to the gym. Ben has helped me immensely in gaining strength, but also confidence that I can lift heavy, and I can! Crossfit Louisville has been a great investment for me. It really is Awesome!