A program dedicated to promoting general awesomeness with a well rounded approach to general physical preparedness! We don’t make you great at anything, we get you prepared for everything!

CrossFit Louisville is committed to making you better by guiding your training process. And we don’t just work out here, we train here. The difference between training and merely exercising is that training is exercise with a purpose beyond just checking it off a list. It’s channeling your efforts into recognizable results. Ask yourself how much progress you’re making towards your fitness goals now.  Your program may be working, but could it work even better?

You know, even professional athletes hire instructors to help evaluate their skills, review their practice routines, and fine-tune their games. You can do the same thing – working with a coach here you will set goals and get all the support, knowledge and encouragement you need to reach them.

At CrossFit Louisville your coach will provide a safe, fun and effective program that gets you results!

Here’s what you can expect from us:
  • Accountability…we want you here!
  • Consistency…we want results!
  • Motivation…we all need it sometimes!
  • Fun…because it should be!

How does a program at CrossFit Louisville work?

The coaches separate the overall training plan into distinct programs lasting 6 to 12 weeks.  Because most people adapt to their routines within 12 weeks, even the best programs will, in time, stop being effective. That’s when plateaus hit.  CrossFit Louisville cycles, based on a schedule of 3 or 4 workouts per week, are progressively more varied and challenging, so that when you begin to adapt you’ll face new challenges.  This system will result in the most efficient and effective gains in strength, function, skill fitness and appearance. Most importantly, it will always be interesting and fun, and you’ll be surrounded by people who want you to succeed.

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